Helping companies launch ideas and bringing products to life.

I help early-stage startups bridge the gap from concept to reality. From building a proof-of-concept to launching a full-fledged product, I can help you every step of the way.

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Bob helped us quickly launch our MVP and get our product out faster than we ever thought possible.


Services - Time is the most important resource for any early stage startup.

The faster you can get your product in front of customers, the faster you can start learning and most importantly, iterating. I can help you build a proof-of-concept, launch an MVP, or build a full-fledged product.

  • Developing Technology Strategy. I help teams develop technology strategies that align with their business goals. This means understanding the business, the customers, and the market to make sure the technology we build is the right technology. I can help you build a technology roadmap that will help your team stay focused and deliver value faster.
  • Rapidly Developing New Products. I help teams build new products by jumping in, understanding what the business is trying to accomplish, and building a proof of concept or MVP. This will get you in front of customers faster and help you validate your idea. We can then iterate to hone on the key values that will make your product successful. I have a wide network of developers, designers, and product managers that I can bring in to help you build your product.
  • Building and Growing Technology Teams. I help with building and growing technology teams: Finding the right people, building the right culture, and creating the right processes to help your team deliver value faster.
  • Ongoing Advising. As your needs evolve, I can help you navigate the challenges that come with ongoing growth.

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